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Edinburgh New Board May 2015A host of new faces are set to take on top jobs at Transport for Edinburgh, as management of Lothian Buses and the city’s tram system are brought closer together. The appointment of the first non-executive directors of the tram will bring its corporate structure into line with Lothian Buses for the first time. Edinburgh
Edinburgh Bikes on Trams April 2015Bikes will be carried on Edinburgh trams for the first time as part of a trial into joined-up sustainable transport. Although only available at off-peak times, the one-month trial from May will be a first for UK tram services as a regular part of their service. Throughout May, all services will carry bikes apart from on weekdays 7.30-9.30am and 16.00-18.30pm. There will only be access from the central disabled doors and passengers must hold their bike upright during the journey. Edinburgh
Edinburgh 9 Dec 2014Edinburgh City Council is to consider the case for extending its tram network to Leith. Leith had been included in original plans for the light rail system but the length of the line was scaled back after the project ran into funding problems. Edinburgh
Potential Extension to Leith 11 Dec 2014The City of Edinburgh Council - Over the next decade Edinburgh’s population is expected to increase more than anywhere else in Scotland. As part of the Council’s commitment to work towards a thriving, sustainable Edinburgh, there is a strong focus on establishing an integrated public transport network for the Capital, alongside encouraging and promoting active travel and catering to the needs of all road users. A sustainable approach to planning public transport investment is essential. The case for trams should be considered as part of this broader sustainable approach by virtue of the potential to connect different parts of the city and to move large quantities of people, whilst enhancing the city’s environment. This report sets out the context for possible future investment in tram taking account of integration with other major projects including the St James Quarter redevelopment and the Leith Programme. Authority from the Council is sought for officers to prepare a report back to Council in late spring 2015 would include an updated tram business and financial case including cost estimates, an integrated design and outline delivery programme.Edinburgh
Edinburgh Tram Inquiry LinkWelcome to the link to the website ( ) for the Edinburgh Tram Inquiry into the Edinburgh Trams project. This inquiry aims to establish why the Edinburgh Trams project incurred delays, cost more than originally budgeted and through reductions in scope delivered significantly less than projected. The website provides an overview of the purpose of the Inquiry, the process involved and details of the individuals responsible for ensuring the Inquiry is conducted in an efficient, timely and effective manner.
Edinburgh: Extention to Newhaven June 2015Edinburgh city council is looking into extending the tram network to Newhaven, Ocean Terminal or the foot of Leith Walk. City leaders will approach the Scottish Government for help with paying for a potential £145 million extension. Figures for the cost of completing the line have been published in an outline business case, which will be tested against quotes provided by construction firms interested in carrying out the work. Council chiefs said a government grant was one option being considered to help fund the line, despite the SNP administration’s insistence that it would pay “not a penny more” towards the troubled project. Edinburgh

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