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The Oslo Report - Road Pollution more dangerous than tail-pipe emissions “Oslo PM Report” A Summary About Particulate Matters from Passenger Transport In Oslo, ("Svevestøv fra persontransport i Oslo. En beregning av mengder og kostnader"), By Otto Andersen Articles
Metrolink Focus Jon Lamonte FCILTJon Lamonte FCILT, Chief Executive at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) delivered this speech to the CILT Greater Manchester Group in 2014. He discussed the latest transport developments and achievements in the North West of England and looks toward what will be a challenging yet exciting year for TfGM.Articles
Technical - Kletterwiechen - An above surface crossoverTechnical - Kletterwiechen - An above surface crossoverArticles
TramTrain - Kassel TramTrain - Kassel Articles
Technical - Carbon Report 2030Technical - Carbon Report 2030Articles
Technical - A Low Cost British designed wheel - Needs funding for further developmentTechnical - A Low Cost British designed wheel - Needs funding for further developmentArticles
Technical - A mode cost comparison - Canadian Study November 2009Technical - A mode cost comparison - Canadian Study November 2009Articles
Austerity - Starter Lines - articleAusterity - Starter Lines - articleArticles
Light Hearted - Who needs low floor carsLight Hearted - Who needs low floor carsArticles
Role of Light Rail & Tramways - CitiesRole of Light Rail & Tramways - CitiesArticles
Article Re-Invigorating Local Transport ProvisionsArticle Re-Invigorating Local Transport ProvisionsArticles
Public Inquiry - pteg final report 15 Feb 2010 Public Inquiry - pteg final report 15 Feb 2010Articles
Article - Do we need heavyweight Tram Track?Do We Need Heavyweight Track? The cost of implementing British tramways has escalated over the years. It has become established that street track has to be laid on substantial concrete foundations, and that all utilities have to be diverted, often at enormous cost to the tramway promoter, and the utilities get new assets free! Is all this really necessary? Is it done everywhere else in the world? The answer to both is no. Articles
Report Bus subsidies pro rata greater than Light Rail for less passengersBus use in UK is only holding up because of growth in London - London used to account for 20% of UK bus ridership, these days its 44%, but bus growth in London has levelled off - ridership in the Metropolitan counties is falling - despite the boost of Pensioners Passes - ridership on rail and underground is going UP (this includes trams) - only around 50% of bus income comes from fares - all the rest is subsidy, so buses are not "A successful private sector business" All this shows that if you want to attract discretionary riders - i.e. get car users out of their cars you need rail, buses are an increasingly expensive irrelevance. Articles
Report - UK Cties bottom of European League for car dependencyA report by the Campaign for better transport organisation UK cities bottom of Europe for car dependency 29 September 2011 New research published by Campaign for Better Transport reveals that UK cities are among the most car dependent in Europe, coming bottom of a study into car dependency. The European Car Dependency Scorecard examines how the infrastructure and transport policies of 13 European capitals affect people’s transport choices and quality of life. The scorecard uses 16 indicators covering ease of access to public transport, public attitudes to car use, congestion levels and the side effects from cars to give each of the cities a score and then ranks them accordingly. Whilst Stockholm, Helsinki and Prague grabbed the three top spots, London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast were eighth, ninth, eleventh and twelfth respectively, only beaten to last place by Rome. Articles
Statistic - DfT 2012In 2011/12, there were 204 million passenger journeys on light rail and tram systems in England, the highest annual figure recorded and continuing the upward trend of recent years. Articles
Low Cost Tramways - Do streetcars really beat buses in capacity and costs? Low Cost Tramways - Do streetcars really beat buses in capacity and costs?Articles
Low Cost Tramways - Cutting Procurement CostsImproving competition and cutting costs Providing viable, reliable transport infrastructure is an essential element of any modern nation and is a fundamental requirement if countries are to grow and meet current and future financial . january 2012 11 Terry Walker of the LRTA’s External Relations Group argues how significant cost savings can be achieved and efficiency improved for light rail development through the use of revised procurement strategies. Articles
Pollution & Health, 30,000 dead in 2008Pollution & Health, 30,000 dead in 2008Articles
Low Cost Tramways - MotorsUsing this technology, it should be possible to achieve vehicle a weight of 10 Tonnes per 100 passenger capacity, with traction energy consumption of 0.5KWh / Km. The aim should be also to get cost down to that of buses on a similar capacity basis. Indeed, bus body technology would be used, the vehicle form being essentially similar to an articulated bus. Articles
Lord Berkeleys debate 14th June 2010 A massive Air Quality Fine for the UKLord Berkeleys debate 14th June 2010 A massive Air Quality Fine for the UKArticles
Air Pollution - Time for the UK to clean up its' actAir Pollution - Time for the UK to clean up its' actArticles
A warning from the pastThe cost, constraints and lack of planning meant that tram in the British Isles was poorly equipped to respond to changes in society. These weaknesses caused tramcar in Britain to disappear much earlier than in the rest of Europe, some weaknesses progressing over the ensuing years to undermine all local transport provisions in the country and more besides. ‘Those who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to re-live them!’ Articles
Minister Andrew Jones MP Under Secretary of State Transport May 2015Mr Jones commented following his appointment: “We all know that transport is one of the most significant factors supporting economic growth. Ensuring that people are able to move from place to place easily and that goods can get from manufacturers to customers, both here and abroad as exports, is one of the basics of business. Transport is also an important factor in the quality of our daily lives. We must never forget that people use our trains, roads and public transport for shopping, getting the kids to school and a multitude of everyday tasks.Articles

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